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Properly is a privately held, fully integrated Real Estate firm utilizing the best in people & technology to provide a superior real estate experience unlike any other.


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Adam VanDervoort
Adam VanDervoort Broker/Owner 518.810.2324 adamv(at)properlyre(dotted)com
Adam VanDervoort
Shari DeMichele Licensed RE Salesperson 518.416.7261 sharid(at)properlyre(dotted)com
Adam VanDervoort
Bradley Laustrup Licensed Associate RE Broker 518.307.6973 bradl(at)properlyre(dotted)com
Adam VanDervoort
Julie Mills Licensed RE Salesperson 518.588.7646 juliem(at)properlyre(dotted)com
Adam VanDervoort
Rebecca Little Licensed RE Salesperson 719-650-2152 rebeccal(at)properlyre(dotted)com
Adam VanDervoort
James Morgan Licensed RE Salesperson 518.309.8730 jamesm(at)properlyre(dotted)com
Adam VanDervoort
Ashley Villa Licensed RE Salesperson o. 518.289.1040 ashleyv(at)properlyre(dotted)com
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How Properly Works

Properly is built on speed & efficiency. Instant escrow deposit options give Properly sellers the ability to secure contracts faster than ever before.

We utilize virtual transaction technology to keep our buyers & sellers informed throughout the home buying or selling process. Receive instant updates & stay fully immersed from list to closing.

Properly strives to be as environmentally conscious as possible. Virtual documents & e-signatures not only better serves our clients… but mother nature too!

All of your documents accessible & organized in one place, securely. Anytime, anywhere & from all of your devices. Easily share, download, or export on demand.

How Properly Works - Efficiency
How Properly Works - Technology
How Properly Works - Paperless
How Properly Works - Cloud

Get Instant updates at every step

Properly keeps you informed every step of the way with virtual up to date transaction timelines, tasks & memos. Accessible anytime, from anywhere.

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ADDRESS 462 Broadway Suite 200 Saratoga Springs, NY 12866 Call Us 518.289.1040 Email hello(at)properlyre(dotted)com